So Many Ways to Add a Soundtrack to Your Life

Music can trigger memory and emotion almost more powerfully than something visual. That’s why we put over 50 free music tracks in Lightt 3.5, just released in the App Store.

How to: From the capture or preview screens in the Lightt App, tap the music note and choose either Free Music or iTunes. Play around. You can swap tracks in and out anytime. Set up music before you capture and it overlays automatically in sync with each clip.

The Lightt above is a 3.5 minute stream of clips set to a few different tracks over a recent SF weekend by @ megu. Follow her on Lightt for lots of beautiful inspiration.


You Know What Mom Really Wants

And we can help you get it: an awesome video of her kids as they are today sync’d to her favorite song.

"Wow, that sounds so hard," you say. With Lightt, no way! Here’s how:

1. Gather Some Footage: Shoot a few clips right in the Lightt app (or import from your iOS or Android device).

2. Make it Special: Tap into Edit to trim, duplicate, rearrange or change the speed of any clip. No matter what you do, your video automatically flows together .

3. Add Music: Tap to add your favorite song or use our free stuff and share anywhere.

The Lightt video above was shot and just remixed on Lightt for @ angelic and features @ kevin and Elijah. Music by Pharrell.


Announcing Today: Bring Your Photos To Lightt!

Now you can combine photos, videos, music and voice, easily and beautifully with Lightt 3.4 for iOS—just released in the App Store.

Here’s how:

In capture, just tap to import your photos. Combine photos with video you shoot directly in Lightt or from your camera roll. It’s easy to re-arrange, adjust transition time (using the rabbit and turtle!) and add music or a voice over. 

The result:

A beautiful, high-quality video exactly the way you want it (with no canned effects) that you can share anywhere.

With every new release, we’re simplifying the video storytelling process so you can make the best videos possible.

Example above #madewithLightt and San Francisco Blues by Lowell Fulson.


Spring Sky: Capture the Clouds

Clouds are dynamic moving objects. Still photos don’t fully capture their mysterious, changing grace. That’s why we love Lightts of clouds—and we see a lot of them! Here’s one of our favorites recently posted by Brianne Toma (@morningmeowsformom) from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Look up and Lightt the #SpringSky.


This is the FUTURE: Getting Ready to Release HeadLightt for GLASS

This is the future of how you’ll capture video. Robots not included.

Lightt video features Rob Cavin along with sci fi vibes created by jackodog. Music is Robots by Flight of the Conchords.


Spring Is Nature’s Way of Saying “Let’s Party!”

It might still be snowing in a few places here and there, but in much of the Western Hemisphere nature is bursting out.

This is our favorite time of year for making Lightts because it’s so full of change, color and movement.

Lightt Spring Mix above by @erchoi82, @kevinlau and @kalindholm on Lightt and across the US.